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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

Reliability, energy efficiency, quiet, smooth operation,

low AC Service needs, low AC Repair needs.

What is that about?

Well, that is what you should look for, in a really good AC!



Of course, East Coast Services is ready to expand on each point; simply make contact,

and book a totally FREE Consultation today, with East Coast Services.

You will be pleasantly surprised with what you will learn, and how much money you will save!


Do you really understand your AC?

East Coast Services does!



At the heart of the AC is the compressor; it is at the center of the condensing unit.

On a really hot day, the compressor works like a Trojan Horse!

Some manufacturers, like RHEEM, install the highly advanced Scroll Compressor in the Condensing Unit.

RHEEM Units also have a grill design, which minimizes air restriction, and so makes for much quiter fan operation.

The Law requires that manufacturers must rate and evaluate their equipment, according to its energy efficiency.

This rating is known as SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment.

For example, the RHEEM PRESTIGE SERIES has a SEER of 18.00, the highest SEER.

Most standard models carry a SEER of 13.

Higher SEER models cost more, but, on the other hand, your energy bills may well be lower over the long run.

Once again, East Coast Services will be happy to tell you all about SEER, and how you benefit from higher SEER.



It is wise to get the correct size AC, an AC appropriate to the size of your home, or room, or business.

If your AC is too small, it will not keep your home cool.

Of course, over-sized systems will turn off and on more than necessary, wasting energy,

and placing undue strain on the compressor.

East Coast Services will determine the optimum size AC for your room or home or business.

The experts at East Coast Services will make a very careful study of your

home, and decide what exactly your cooling requirements are.

A lot depends on the window and door dimensions, what they are made from, your floor space,

what direction your home faces, and the amount of your home's exterior that is shaded by foliage or shade trees.


Energy efficiency is serious business.

An AC that is efficient, operates on minimal electricity, that way, you are able to keep

your utility bill down.

That brings us to another major point!  When you keep your AC properly maintained,

(and East Coast Services offers an ideal Maintenace Service Agreement)

you can expect steady, dependable, performance.

A good AC is quiet, long lasting, low on AC Service needs, low on AC Repair needs.

These are important points to bear in mind, and consider carefully.



Do you need an upgrade?

Is your SEER appropriate to your needs?

Do you need to purchase a completely new system?

Book a FREE Consultation with East Coast Services! 

Get your hot priorities right!  Now, how cool is that?

Very cool, I dare say!

Until next time, Maralyn is signing off!

Going to my cool bedroom, maintained by an AC from East Coast Services, of course.

That reminds me.....You can get a FREE Estimate on the purchase of any new AC, from East Coast Services!




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