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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

Well readers, it's like everything else: You either have a good reputation or YOU DON"T!

The East Coast Services company is consistently being praised

by clients and AC industry Associates.... not lacking for praise!

East Coast Services earned a GOOD REPUTATION over the years.

The company maintains that good reputation.

Testimonials on the East Coast Services Website confirm that good reputation.

Read them please!

The company has earned that solid reputation thanks to durable AC Repairs and consistent AC Service.

Above all thanks to the fully trained technicians and the tremendous resources

which East Coast Services have pumped into the business, in response

to increasing demands for service and the jump in the number of purchases of new AC Units,

and also growing direct interest in preferences for various top selling Brand names and Models

of new AC Units.

Navigate the recently up-dated Website of East Coast Services and see for yourself 

how you can make substantial savings in many different ways.

For example there are East Coast Services Coupons which you can easily print out,

then there is new information on how to be more cost-effective and

how to save on energy bills, and of course read the Blogs, which give you tips

and motivate you into considering getting a report on your own Air Quality,

and taking seriously the air you breathe in at home and the impact on your precious

health and that of your entire family, and your pets also.

                                                     It's Up To You, my friends!

No one will do it for you!

AC Service and AC Repairs and AC Inspection are all up to you!

Initiate them yourself; have no regrets whatsoever.

Call East Coast Services and be ready with a basic overview of your problem.

Problems are meant to be solved, and there is no AC problem,

that does not have a solution!

Trust me!

You, having outlined your AC problem,

East Coast Services (COURTEOUS CERTIFIED LICENSED EXPERIENCED EXPERT TECHNICIAN)arrives at your Residence or Business

at the scheduled tiime, promptly another good point about East Coast Services: (PUNCTUALITY)

Your honest, safe, background-checked East Coast Services technician diagnoses the problem, (SAFE)

gives you a clear outline of the details of the AC problem you face,

telling you basically the status of your AC system, and presents most appropriate options

and tells you what it will cost you (REASONABLE RATES AND PRICES)

You will also be told of the pros and cons of each option, the advantages and disadvantages

and you will be able to discuss this intelligently

with your certified technician and arrive at the best route to follow. (CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS)

Of course throughout this entire scene, your satisfaction,

your complete satisfaction, is always at centre stage. (OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE)

As soon as you give your own approval, East Coast Services will set to work,

attending to all details, with undivided attention.

Nothing will confuse a certified East Coast Services technicial. (PROFESSIONAL WORKERS CERTIFIED)

Immediately, you have come face-to-face with who East Coast Services really are,

and what they stand for, and what they do as a company

serving Fort Lauderdale and other areas of South Florida

with distinction, for many years. (ESTABLISHED IN THE AC INDUSTRY)

Numerous past and present clients are satisfied with all aspects of the AC work

of East Coast Services, and have remained loyal,

and refer East Coast Services to family and friends.

Be it AC Repair, AC Service, AC Maintenance, AC Tune-Ups, AC Leak Repairs,

AC Energy Audits, AIr Quality Testing, Top brand Name Sales,

East Coast Services will master the art of perfect Air Conditioning everytime!

And guess what? All of East Coast Services work meets

National, State, Local Codes for Air Conditioning System Installation and Service.

And to add the icing to the cake, as we say, East Coast Services is Better Business Bureau accredited!

This status focuses on the length of time in business, the fact that no one has filed any complaints,

and the business has a clean background, and no advertising issues or sales issues that are unresolved,

no problems with billing or product service, no delivery issues, no warranty/guarantee issues either,

no government actions, and all licensing matters and registration matters are fully in tact.

Full marks to East Coast Services!

You will remain a client; if you are not yet a client, become one today,

and do not forget to print out that generous Coupon from the East Coast Services Website.




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