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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

Things change rapidly; yes they do! But the desire to chill has never changed, and never will!

How remarkable, my friends.

And how best to chill, when the Florida heat becomes a total nuisance?

The answer is: by having a top performing AC Unit,

from East Coast Services, of course. There is no other sensible option.


Get a completely FREE Estimate on any new AC Unit which you are

considering purchasing from East Coast Services.

Remember, you will get a solid 10 year Warranty; this means that any

unexpected problems and necessary parts will be covered

by East Coast Services, as applicable under the Warranty Agreement.

No need to dig into your pocket. Of course, if your AC Unit is already 10 years

old, it is time to get rid of it and replace it. It is in your interest to do so; old units are inefficient at best and result in a higher energy bill. You can

save 20% on your AC energy usage by installing a new AC Unit.


Worst than that, is the fact that, unless your AC is functioning at top performance,

as it should, you can't chill properly!

Your AC status is important not only to you, but to everyone under your roof!


Get it right!


Did you realize that changing your air filter regularly makes a big difference to your health?

You do not want unfiltered air becoming re-cycled through

the system; it will happen if you keep unclean filters. And you will breathe in bacteria.

Unclean filters will also interfere with air flow and reduce

efficiency. There is no alternative to filter replacement anywhere in the world!

As an AC owner, there is so much you can do to positively contribute to

the life of your AC, and your own health. This is exactly why East Coast Services focuses onFREE Tips for clients.

But beyond that, hiring AC Service

and AC Repair from East Coast Services will make a real impact on your chilling sessions and your family's comfort.

There is nothing better than

entering your home, to be greeted by that comforting clean cool air flow!


If you need more assurances on the merits of using East Coast Services, simply navigate the website, which was recently re-launched, and is very

user-friendly and informative. You will find substantial offers and helpful Coupons too. I am absolutely impressed with the handwritten Testimonials

presented on the website; they all express sincere gratitude, for the good works of East Coast Services, as a leading AC Service provider.


It is only wise to become as aware as possible of your AC Unit, and the likely problems one may encounter.

Problems range from bad wiring, which is

a real fire hazard and potentially dangerous, even fatal, to leaks, improper heat transfer

which can easily lead to an over heating compressor and

tripping, a faulty thermostat, filthy internal components which negatively affect cooling performance.

Not to mention dirty ducts with dangerous

allergens which ought to be got rid of immediately.


The solution here is simply an excellent Preventive Maintenance Package

from the experienced team at East Coast Services.

The numerous clients who use, and praise, the top notch East Coast Services,

including AC Service and AC Repair, cannot be wrong.

After all, loyal clients include several Hotels, Malls, Schools, Restaurants, and Condo Complexes.

Pompano Beach based East Coast Services has been proudly serving for 20 years.


The steaming Summer months are upon us, and our need to chill is ever present.

Please don't disappoint yourself; you would only have yourself to blame.

Act on your AC needs now. The East Coast Services Team is ready to assist.

And the price is always right.....that helps; does it not?

How cool is that!



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