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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

First Class Air Conditioning from Pompano Beach, Florida based East Coast Services,

definitely gives you maximum comfort, total efficiency, and consistent reliability.

Incidentally, these are the very hallmarks of the reputable East Coast Services AC Company.

Book East Coast Services and be completely confident; three decades of exceptional service

have set them apart from others in the AC Sales, AC Service and AC Repair field.

Be a Winner everytime; make an AC Purchase, book excellent AC Services and AC Repair,

and never be disappointed. All aspects of East Coat Services work comply

with National, State, and Local Codes.


There is no question that you will experience savings in the long run,

when you install a new AC Unit, especially if your old AC Unit is over 10 years old.

It would prove very foolish to keep an old inefficient AC Unit, when you can easily have an affordable

cost-effective option from East Coast Services. You actually save 20% on your energy use by wise replacement.

You also need to follow the SEER Efficiency Rating advice,

as well as the Annual Cooling Cost Comparison guidelines;

both are presented for your serious consideration,

right here on the helpful East Coast Services Web Site.

Kindly view these charts; they are really easy to understand.

Also, contact the friendly staff at East Coast Services;

get as much further information, as you wish.

Remember too, East Coast Services, as a proud

Florida Power and Light FPL participating Independent AC Contractor,

offers substantial FPL Rebates.


East Coast Services willingly gives FREE Estimates,

FREE Quotes, FREE Advice on New Replacement Air Conditioning Systems,

on AC Repair and AC Service, as well as FREE AC Tips and Special generous AC Offers.

Yet another clear advantage of using East Coast Services, is the wide range of leading Brand Names

which they sell and are experienced in servicing and repairing.

The names include:

Amana, American Standard, Carrier, Janitrol, Mitsubishi Electric, Payne, Rheem, Rudd, Tempstar,

Trane, Florida Heat Pump, Goodman.


In my own experience with utility service calls, it is fair to say, that I always need to be assured,

that the Technician entering my home is at least approachable and congenial, at a minimum.

Well, I have good news for you; all East Coast Services Technicians are friendly

and professional...the star combination!

They are also dedicated, and honest. Past and present satisfied clients

in Pompano Beach, Palm Beach County and Broward County,

are praising the good works of East Coast Services residential work,

saying, that because they are so impressed,

with their trustworthiness and integrity, they happily refer East Coast Services

to family, friends, and business associates.

As the miserable hot weather descends upon Florida, take early necessary steps;

make sure your AC is up and running efficiently and that You and your comfort zone

are as East Coast Services comfortable as mine;

you deserve it. Don't you?



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