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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

East Coast Services Commercial AC Maintenance and AC Repairs

Every South Florida business depends on AC,

but not every South Florida business has been savvy enough,

to ask East Coast Services to explain what both

energy efficient AC and cost-effective AC are all about!


Speak to those businesses which have listened

to the wise experts of East Coast Services or read

their full stories, comments, and positive outcomes.

Two clients remarked:

Business Client #1

" We asked East Coast Services to advise us on smart AC,

and we followed through.  We chose to retain East Coast Services

by taking a Maintenance Agreement..... and oh boy!... what a difference

it makes to our account, and also to how we feel,

especially when it is sweltering outside!"

Business Client #2

" We eventually called in the reputable East Coast Services,

(we had always heard about them, but never actually met them)

and the results are remarkable....we no longer have to go fiddling with our AC

every Monday morning!  What a relief!"


The message is out; it is ringing loud and clear! Use East Coast Services

and earn substantial savings, and make a huge difference

to your workplace atmosphere, and your visitor/client experience.

First impressions do count hugely, remember!

Businesses who decided to use East Coast Services

for Commercial AC Repairs, AC Services, and AC Sales,

have never regretted taking such a decision. 


All businesses should take a greater interest in their AC situation,

and get on track; not only does better functioning AC save money,

but also, you will become a proud eco-friendly corporate citizen,

caring strongly about both the U.S. and the world environment, and clients will

love and respect you for it.  You actually improve your image in the business world.


Read the thoughtfully written, honest East Coast Services Testimonials

on the user-friendly East Coast Services website, and see

for yourself, what an excellent track record this AC company

has achieved, over its many years of unbroken service.


Whether you need an overhaul, an upgrade,

or to install a completely new system, in order to become

energy efficient, you are advised to act accordingly, act wisely;

book a FREE Meet & Greet Session with helpful East Coast Services.


Whether your repairs are likely to be very simple

or really complicated; the brilliant East Coast Services team

has all aspects fully covered.


Just say that you want the service team at your door, and you have got it! 

This is a company with very cordial workers

who have been well brought up, with good manners;

a dying art in Florida, you will perhaps agree!


Honest Workers

The workers at East Coast Services are always punctual, and willing

to go the extra six miles!

They are also honest and trustwothy; the kind of workers

who you can safely allow to enter the doors of your business. Have no fear!


You can get FREE East Coast Services Tips on saving energy,

FREE East Coast Services Advice on how your business

can become more AC energy efficient, and AC cost effective.

Take full advantage of our skills and expert knowledge today.


Every business in South Florida is focused on cost cutting exercises,

and would like to get substantially more value for their money.

East Coast Services masters the art of clearly explaining

to you, any aspect of Commercial AC for your business.


As great communicators, attentive listeners, patient workers,

East Coast Services will continue proudly wearing

the Badge of Excellence

for many years to come!


Act locally; think globally!

Save Money and Save Energy with East Coast Services, when you book

Commercial Energy Saving AC Maintenance and Commercial AC Repairs,

at the low rates of East Coast Services.



Residential & Commercial AC Sales, AC Services & AC Installation - Call (954) 300-2722