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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

Great to be back with you!

While we are all keeping highly optimistic, we cannot change the fact, that

the Hurricane Season is upon us! Of course, the usual advice is the order of the day: be prepared!

I will over-emphasize the watchwords; invest time before a storm, and save money.

By planning ahead, you will be a WINNER!

And the staff workers at the reputable East Coast Services

are ready to offer you FREE advice on AC matters and Hurricane implications.

East Coast Services is a real friend; not just a fair weather friend.

Just yell; immediately, we are at your side!

You may want to consider installing a generator.

Remember; they are not always easy to find; get yours early.

Recreational generators are not ideal. They lack power.  Portable generators are good,

but get your Electrician's advice; a manual transfer switch needs to be installed

to connect your generator with your electrical panel.

Because your AC is hardwired, you cannot plug it into a generator.

Standby generators are a great idea.

Of course, larger Standby generators can power Central Air Conditioners.

A 14 kilowatt standby generator will power a 4 ton Central Air Conditioner.

A 17 kilowatt mnodel will run a 5 ton Central Air Conditioner.  Meanwhile, a few useful tips.

Remember to turn off your AC, during a storm; by so doing, you will


Following a hurricane, please inspect your A/C  TO CHECK THAT IT IS IN GOOD WORKING ORDER.

Again, your best option is to contact us at the reputable East Coast Services,

your friendly and reliable AC Service and AC Repair Company.

If you have a Window AC or Portable AC

with discharge ducts, that exhausts through a window, remove the unit ducts and seal up the opening.

Cover any outdoor AC units or condensiong units, with a tarp, or use plywood.

You are better off raising your AC off the ground.

On no account do you want to let your AC become flooded as it will be difficult to clean, or near impossible.

Once again, East Coast Services workers are ready to assist you with FREE helpful advice.

You will need Hurricane Straps to protect your AC from high winds.

And do not forget the merits of a portable AC; quick and easy to install.

Until we meet again, Maralyn is signing off, enjoying the great Florida weather,

and thinking how blessed we are to live in Florida, with an outstanding AC Company,

East Coast Services, of course!



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