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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

Suppose I told you that friends of mine are actually excited about East Coast Services and Air Conditioning,

would you think that I just wanted to make a joke?

Perhaps you would; I would forgive you somewhat!

Anyway, I met up recently with Lorna and Sam and they were so excited!

Of course, I thought that Lorna had discovered that she was pregnant, or Sam had got a promotion at work; entirely wrong!

It was a matter of Air Conditioning.

According to them, East Coast Services offered them a deal, and they grabbed it.

It has worked out well for them.  They are recommending it to family and friends.

Well, what was it?  I'll tell you now.



Effective Date: February 2013     Expiration Date: January 2014

Once signed by an authorized East Coast Services Officer,

this agreement became a contract between them and East Coast Services.

So, what's so cool about this?

Lorna and Sam were telling me, that since the Maintenance Service was performed

on their air conditioning equipment, (there are 2 AC units in their home),

their home is consistently comfortable, and that when their friends come over

they comment on the inviting atmosphere and air flow!

There are 3 Scheduled Servicing Periods: February 2013, June 2013, October 2013

So far, they have had 2 Servicing Periods, and they are excited!

East Coast Services replaced and cleaned filters, cleaned condensate drains, applied algaecide,

lubricated motors, and blowers, inspected belts,

pully, wiring and controls, checked pressures and overall equipment operation.


Now, clearly, all of the above maintenance factors make a big difference to how your AC units function,

and an even bigger difference to your energy bill. Cool savings!

It is costing them less than before to keep cool. More money in their pockets.

The merits of an efficient, smooth running, well maintained AC are well known.

Plus, Lorna and Sam are already on the road to avoiding malfunctioning and AC Repair work in the future.

That sure adds to the excitement!


As contract holders, Lorna and Sam are now placed on East Coast Services Priority Customer List.

This means: should the unfortunate happen, and there is an equipment failure,

they will be provided with service within 24 hours, and they will pay only Special Preferred Customer Rates

for Parts and Labor.

I honestly think that it is something to be excited about. Don't you?

Moreso, because of the trustworthy top notch AC company East Coast Services is;

in business since 1981, 24/7 Emergency Line, fully licensed and insured,

offering excellent reliable AC Service and AC Repair. 

You can also buy a brilliant New AC Unit from East Coast Services. Call and get a FREE Estimate.

Many top brand names are available, including TRANE and RHEEM.


You would never have believed that an East Coast Services Air Conditioning Contract

had the power to excite; well, perhaps not until you enter into one yourself! 

                                                         Friendly and Supportive East Coast Services

I also discovered that experts at East Coast Services are approachable, even actually friendly; willing to give FREE Advice and Support.

I recently got a useful FREE outline from East Coast Services on Temperature Control and why

Upstairs Bedrooms, Basements and Additions may suffer too high temperatures,

driving occupants on to the living room couch!

                                                                       Forced Air Zoning

Even more exciting was an interesting and informative discussion with my builders and East Coast Services on Forced Air Zoning,

a modern system which uses multiple thermostats, and automatic dampers in the duct work,

to intelligently control air flow, by carefully directing the cool air to areas that require it,

and stopping the cool air from going where it is no longer needed.

This is something which should be installed at the time of construction;

East Coast Services can install it at a very reasonable price.

They can do it in an existing home as well; it will be slightly more complicated though,

as it will involve extensive renovating of existing duct work, and of course, extra labor.

But, it may well be within your budget; East Coast Services price fairly always.  Call them for further information.

Maralyn is signing off.

Straight to my East Coast Services cooled bedroom; not on the living room couch at all....no need to!



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