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in     by Maralyn 1-20-2015

I said it before, and I will say it again, and again:

Your AC ducts can become breeding ground for Mold and Bacteria.

How many of us have ever looked closely at our duct work, using a high-powered flash light?

Be honest with me!

You will be surprised what you may well encounter!

I found dust and debris!

Call East Coast Services in to inspect your duct work.

It is worth the effort.

To begin with, you are taking the air which you, your family, and pets breathe in, seriously.

Mold, Bacteria, Pollutants, Dust, Pollen, Allergens, build up in passageways make their way into the AC vents,

and blow right into every room of your house.

Anyone suffering from Allergies or Asthma, or any Breathing issues,

would want to make clean ducts a huge priority;

pollutants obviously affect you more, if you already suffer from these conditions.

Replacing AC filters is only a partial solution; it does not replace the need for AC duct cleaning.

Ducts must be professionally cleaned.

How often?  Well, let East Coast Services inspect your duct work and tell you. 

Schedule a cleaning session today;

I am reliably informed that East Coast Services will give you various appropriate options, and great FREE advice.

East Coast Services cleans ducts professionally;

all vent covers and duct openings are thoroughly cleaned,

ductworks are vacuumed, and all debris removed,

the blower units in the AC are also cleaned, and the ducts are sanitized.

All duct work is then restored to normal.

Clean ducts will definitely lower your energy costs too.

Clean air passages mean that your AC does not work half as hard to cool your home

to make you, your family, and pets happy and comfortable.

So, you save on electricity bills, you alleviate suffering, and guess what.....you also, in the process,

prolong the life of your AC.  Now, what a Big Bonus!

Do not wait for a problem to call East Coast Services; get an inspection done.

You benefit!

Servicing any AC on a regular basis is highly reccommended.


It will cost you in the long run; be warned!

The experts at East Coast Services will diagnose competently.

If your AC runs smothly, it does less work, and so uses a lot less electricity.

As simple as that!

East Coast Services will also give you FREE Home Consultation and FREE Estimates on any new AC Purchase.

AC Tune ups, AC Repairs, New AC Systems,

East Coast Services will give you priority treatment every time; the focus is on you and your health.

Some Red Flags!

  • Is your AC making loud noises?...sceaming!
  • Is your AC making any unusual noises?...clowning around!
  • Is your AC shutting on and off for unusually long periods? ..out of character!
  • Is your AC  always dripping water?.......!!!!!
  • Is air flow from AC vents decreasing?....idling, I guess!!!!!

If you are experiencing any of the above, you definitely need to call the experts at East Coast Services,

the company that gives affordable AC Maintenance Deals, reliable AC Repairs, and sells top notch AC Systems.

Have your AC duct work professionally inspected, by East Coast Services, of course!

Don't forget!




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